Let There Be A New Season

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Let There Be A New Season

When the black is blacker than black
and the white is whiter than white
Nothing is gray
We all pay
and I pray
This ends today
The multi colored rainbow knows
This is the light
Together it goes
A promise for ever
The world will flood never
In the darkness stars shine bright
In the daylight there is shade
Shadows to protect us
from a bright sun light
We say it is good
We say it is right
When they come together
Morning and evening
Orange and crimson
It is then we pause
To see reason
The time has come
It is now the season
We ignore leaders
Who are dividers and deceivers
and be believers of the weavers
To be seers and not blinders

By: Minister Peacefulpoet (word witch) 1/30/22

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