You Can’t Eat Money All Up

I love Aurora – she is poetry in action and she is so good at it, what a joy to watch and she sings so beautifully, and I would imagine she writes her own stuff.

Climate Change or what it used to be known as, Global warming is an awesome thing because its anti technology/capitalism, etc. and pro mother earth/nature, and I like that. BUT – sorry, its not an issue. What is really happening they are not telling you. It was once classified by the CIA but, they were so successful with their Conspiracy campaign and now control most of main stream media. They knew that they could just go ahead and unclassify it, because no one would listen anyways. But if you really want to know what is coming – I posted a video on Rumble. Or if you have a scientific mind, Suspicious Observers recently posted a 1 hour video that explains everything in detail.

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