The Science of Born Again
A lot of weird videos have been coming out lately and I’ve been watching them, or parts of them, with what little time I have. And I’ve created my weird video to go along with all the other weird videos. I don’t know were all this comes from. For five days I’m working really hard, tired as could be, and my Friday coming home listening to a christian music station and hearing a song about being born again, when I get home, I decided to make this video just as I pull into the driveway. It was a bit of a mess, I dropped the phone once and had to create a second part because I forgot some things. Edited it all together and even added music which I have never done before, real proud of it.

The Science of Born Again-Minister Peacefulpoet-After hearing a song about being born again on the radio coming home from work after a busy week.

I will not share this on facebook, instagram or youtube – however, if you wish to, you may.

Music: Reaper’s night By Sean B from Royalty Free Music

Previous video about the Event, or Happening:

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