In Support of The Palestinians

I don’t believe in a two state solution, its not practical. But if I have a friend from Palestine who believes in the two state solution, I support that friend, not his or her idea.

Palestine is a derivative of the Philistines and I can’t remember the exact name the Roman empire gave them. When the Turkish empire took over, the name changed only because it was translated into the Turkish language and it has remained Palestine every since. Originally, it was the land of Israel. Many of the Palestinians who live there today are actually descendants of the actual Jews who lived there when Jesus walked the earth. When Rome tore the Israeli empire down, many of the Israeli’s who remained converted to Christianity, a few maintained their Jewish heritage. Then when the Ottoman empire came, many of them converted to the Islam religion.

So the truth be told. IF YOU DO NOT SUPPORT PALESTINE YOU ARE AN ANTI-SEMITE. Because many of them are the original Jews who lived there when Jesus walked the earth. Sure, there was a caravan of Muslims who came over when the Ottoman empire took over, but that was just a small group of people. Because while it is true that many Jews fled when the Roman empire destroyed them. It is also true that many remained as well, and many of them are the Palestinians of today, and we should respect them. I think if the Israeli Zionists party who took over Palestine and renamed most of it Israel, treated the original inhabitants with the respect, honor and equality that any human being deserves. I don’t think they would care if they were called Israelis or Palestinians if they were treated with equality, dignity and respect any human being deserves.

If our government believed in human rights (OBVIOUSLY IT DOES NOT). It would refuse to send one more dollar in support of the Zionist movement taking over Palestine. Demand that before we send one more dollar to them, that they start treating the Palestinians with the same respect they would offer to an Israeli member of the Zionist party. There should be equality and we should demand it.

“I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.” Revelations 3:9

(Of course someone will come along and dispute my article on some technicality. There are different versions out there. Technicalities or not, I do not believe I am wrong in inserting that many of the Palestinians of today are the descendants of the Jews who walked the earth when Jesus was here. If you search, “Jesus was a Palestinian,” you’ll find my version of history.)

Many of us support Palestine, its awful and we are informed despite our own Western media. It is one thing to post support for Palestine and it is another to do it. If you are a supporter of Palestine, please do what you can if asked to do so. Of course I can’t always donate, but as I can I will and if its questionable I won’t.

I get several requests for money from people in Gaza. There is lots of suffering in Gaza. If you’re a scam artist, please don’t, you are making it more difficult for those in Gaza. I don’t believe paypal supports people in Gaza. I will not send money via paypal directly to those who claim they suffer in Gaza. Funding campaigns are often but not always legit.

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