Military Industrial Complex

I keep getting invites to join the Illuminati and there seems to be two groups who claim to be the Illuminati.  One says you will become rich and famous and the other does not make this claim.  The one group that does not make this claim says that they’re watching humanity and protecting humanity and their bible tells us that they know of free energy and will create world peace and can grow human parts to fix any medical ailment.  They keep trying to sell you stuff.  I’m beginning to believe that the Illuminati does not really exist as some ruling power.  Just a rag tag group of people who have labeled themselves, who prescribe to some beliefs that everybody believes but is just make believe.  

The real bad guys in this world today is the industrial military complex who make weapons for profits and can be most profitable when there is war, conflict and fear, so they set out to create this in this world of ours.  Innocently inside their mind they believe that if they are rich and powerful, it is only because of their own goodness.  Not realizing the destruction they create.  And they in their self righteousness convince themselves that those who are crushed deserve it.  These are the most powerful people in our world today.  Call them the founders of the new world order, Illuminati, followers of Dajjal, Anti-christ or the Satan that rules this earth.  Whatever you call them, what they really are is the leaders of our military industrial complex motivated by pure profit.  They need to be taken down, they must be taken down.  Vote for Tulsi Gabbard and not even she can do this all by herself.  We must all come together to take down the military industrial complex, the real evil in this world. 

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