I hate the commercial, it pisses me off.  I like women, I think women are beautiful.  When I was in the Navy we might go months without seeing a woman and when we would see one, it would be like wow.  But now, that’s wrong, its objectifying, its toxic masculinity, that’s bull shit.

It’s natural, and I refuse to be ashamed of that, and I won’t be shamed.  Without this, we might have gone extinct.  Don’t ask me to shame my piers, Won’t happen.  The hypocrisy of this is so fuckn deep, you can fuck’n drown in this shit. So thank you for speaking out and many other women like you.  

We all need to be who we are, be real and unashamed and fuck the self righteous people who try to shame us into what we are not. Something that is more acceptable to them – Fuck them.  I’m not them and they’re not me and that is not the way it is supposed to be.  

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