Why are men killing themselves?

Some women know this, but most do not. Men like to be used. They live to be used. They need to be used.

There are women who advocate for us and I much appreciate that, but they don’t understand. When I try to explain it to them. They think I’m just a product of what is going on in this world. But I’m not a product, I’m a man, and they don’t understand.

We need to be needed and the problem today is, we live in a world where all the hard work is being replaced by machines and men are just not needed anymore. Its killing us, and that’s the damn truth.

Use us or loose us.

The the age of the Goddess is coming.

Right now it may look bad and if things continue, they’ll have us all in cages. Unless a man gives up his masculinity and pretends to be gay, he ain’t got a chance. They’ll keep us locked up. They only need our sperm, and for that we might get desert, and then they’ll put us back in our cage.

But when the Goddess gets here, all that will change. She knows us, we were born from her and to her we will return. She is our mother, and she’ll fix all this.

(before anybody flies off the handle about this – this is special talk – this isn’t literal shit)

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