The Evangelism Man

I sound just like Bob Dylan – didn’t mean to, couldn’t hear myself, was listening to some blues music. The music I used to write this, the music I was listening to – you can find that here: (Larkin Poe | Preachin’ Blues (Official music video)

The Evangelism Man

He don’t just talk
He walk on water
You don’t walk on water
You just talk
Ask for all my money
So you can spring a jet
You say God Bless me
When he bless you
But what if I just said no
What would you do
Satan get away from me
Because I have eyes
To see

The cripple really wasn’t
And deaf could not see
That he could already walk
The talk is that you rock
But you don’t walk
You need my money
For all your talk

By: Minster Peacefulpoet (word witch) 7/13/18

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