Poem of the day: Hate Today Is Okay

Hate Today Is Okay

We hate
Its the rave
You too
Can join the debate
All you gotta do is
Forget all that love stuff
Its a dove
The more you hate
The more you rate
Did somebody look at you wrong
Did they sing that song
Come on
And hate along
Because them are thay
Ah look at that
They got a flat
Bait that trap
Its a good bet
You’ll have a real reason
To hate
Shake that thing
Scorn the looks
Make them feel shame
All a game
Few winners
Many losers
We play it so well
Many rooms in this hotel
You to can be called out
Shamed about
It happens to all the best
After they get you
They’ll get the rest

Its the rave
Forget that love
Because its a dove

By Minister Peacefulpoet (word witch) 7/3/18

This is what I was listening to when I wrote this

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