Trump voters vs Hillary voters – really, OMG

I don’t like Trump either but come on. Use your common sense, isn’t this hatred just a little bit overblown, and why. He must have done something right to piss them off so much. I don’t know what it is and they surely won’t tell us what it is. That IG report investigating the investigation could just take the whole thing down. I’m hoping. There is a reason a president can only serve 8 years. Just as they figure out what strings to pull to get things done, they’re replaced by someone else. Like Obama for instance, he started doing some good stuff just before he left office. Why is the president limited to 8 years and all the congressman and senators can stay there until they die? Its fixed, and everyone of those Senators and Congressman have investments into the military industrial complex and that’s just wrong and main stream media will never talk about that, ever. They lie by not telling the whole truth, just the parts they want you to know, like Trumps Tweets, really, is that news? Pathetic that we even put up with that.

They have really, successfully split our country in two between those who voted for Trump and those who didn’t, and we are all just so stupid to fall for their manipulations. I’m not the smartest person in the world by far, but come on, why can’t people see through this? So disappointing. How can this ever be America when we just believe what ever the news tells us and let them keep us all herded together like sheep while they shape our point of view. Why are we so stupid not to see what they are doing? Divided we fall and we are falling fast for their Bu***hit.

We all have our reasons. Some of us voted for Trump because we couldn’t let Hillary be president and some of us voted for Hillary because we couldn’t let Trump be president. The conversation should be, why were we ever given the two worst choices in American history? How did this happen and why? But rather what we are getting is, Trump voters are this and Hillary voters are that. We all know that is not true. Most of us did not like Hillary or Trump, we just happened to hate one worse than the other. Why weren’t we given a choice between maybe I don’t know, Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders? Marketing will tell you that the more a name is mentioned the more it will be popular and Trump’s name was mentioned more than anyone else. So it is not surprising that he won the Republican primary, and it was intentional. Rumor had it that Hillary could beat Trump for sure, nobody would vote for Trump. And we all know that Bernie won the Democratic Primary. It was so blatant in your face. But the Democratic party cheated and mainstream media covered it up because they work for the bankers who wanted Hillary to be president. Bernie Sanders went along with it and I lost my respect for him right then and there. A good news reporter would have asked, WTF. Anyone who dares to question is pushed off into the “alternative news media” they now attempt to call fake news. Even the CIA is now chiming in calling it propaganda news, you know, like what they do, how ironic?

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