We Should All Be Friends

I don’t know Rick but I know Country Maron. We’ve been friends since MySpace was popular. My previous wife asked me how I get so many friends? It’s no secret, you just send people friend requests. Why not, we should all be friends. Some will think your crazy and block you and others will say they love you and then block you. That part I could never understand, how people can say they love you when you did nothing to deserve it and then they hate you when you did nothing to deserve it. I guess they love you because of the way you look or something you said and then they hate you for something you said, or whatever. I have actually been told that I am mentally sick, but actually, I’m the normal person living in a crazy world. But anyways, this is not about me, this is about Country Maron who I have known for a very long time. I don’t know if she will approve of me saying this, but I have to.

For awhile she disappeared and you know, my stupid self says, I must have said something to offend her, you know how that goes. Then she reappears and I ask, where have you been? I was homeless, it was horrible she explains. Why didn’t you say something, I would have tried to help? I had no internet she tells me. I felt like a heel.

Recently her best friend died and she lost her job. I offer to help her out and she sends me this:

“Right now I’m sad beyond belief…One of my greatest, best friends died…all of a sudden. In fact, when I was living in my car with no access to the internet…Rick Miller kept in touch with me via telephone. I was worried about you when a tornado hit Oklahoma in 2013. Rick tried to find you to set my heart and mind at rest. I can’t stop crying……………………………………………..”

She was homeless and she was worried about ME! Maybe I’m not supposed to share this, I might get in trouble. But you have to understand, how can this girl be poor with such a big heart, what is wrong with our world?

So anyways. She is out of work and she lives near New Haven, Connecticut. If you know of any available jobs that requires a big giant heart around New Haven, Connecticut, please let Country Maron know about this and spread this far and wide, Thank You – Namaste

You can all stop now. Rick died. He would have been 66 on 29th August.

This is my dear, sweet friend, Rick Miller, who also posts under his cat’s name, Tazz Miller. He fell, hit his head and is in a coma. I won’t ask people to pray, unless that’s your thing…He’s been a cyber-friend since 2007, going back to Care2. Even though we’ve never met, he’s been a better friend to me than many people I have met. Whenever I didn’t have access to the internet for whatever reason, he’d keep my friends updated about me and me about them. When I had no access to the internet on my birthday in 2013 (when I was living in my car) he called me and read me all of my Facebook birthday greetings. We spoke a lot when I was living in my car because he was worried about me. He also agreed to be the person to either maintain or cancel my Facebook account, should something happen to me. He said OK, except that I’m not supposed to die. Rick…you’re not supposed to either. NOT YET! Please wake up, dear friend!!!! meow! >^.v.^<


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