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The Evangelism Man

I sound just like Bob Dylan – didn’t mean to, couldn’t hear myself, was listening to some blues music. The music I used to write this, the music I was listening to – you can find that here: (Larkin … Continue reading

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Satan Is Real

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The Christians in Syria cried to God, what did we do wrong? The Lord looked down and made them winners. God Blessed Be The Mighty Lord does exist. There will be more to come, you will see.

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Is It Possible That Male Circumcision Causes The Patriarchy

I created a video that included a music video, a video that I thought very well depicted just what I was talking about, the owner of that video (not the artist) hit me with a copy right infringement claim and … Continue reading

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This 4th of July

This 4th of July Some are wondering Will they will live or die Everybody hates the hate With so much hate Love blows up Like a firecracker Our country The attacker Supported by a crutch And a cane Our government … Continue reading

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Poem of the day: Hate Today Is Okay

Hate Today Is Okay Today We hate Its the rave You too Can join the debate All you gotta do is Hate Forget all that love stuff Its a dove Shoot The more you hate The more you rate Did … Continue reading

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