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Bernie Sanders Is Our Only Chance

It appears that the bigoted narrow minded people of America have been empowered by Donald Trump. Is there enough narrow minded bigots in America to put Donald Trump into office, I’m afraid so. Hillary Clinton hasn’t got a chance against … Continue reading

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For The Sake of All of Us, Don’t Hate Yourself

No – it’s not okay. The mind is a powerful thing. More powerful than you will know. If you train your mind to hate yourself. You will create situations in your life where YOU WILL GET HURT. It’s the truth, … Continue reading

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Don’t Be A Male Rights Activist

It’s okay to be a Feminist Because we know women bleed and bear seed But don’t dare be a Male Rights Activists Because we all know Men ain’t got no need We all know men don’t cry They die only … Continue reading

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A Future Dream

I always believed that if you have a dream that you remember very clearly and it keeps coming back to your memory, then it is important. Well I had this dream: (which has been closed unfortunately) Posted: Mon 12 Jun … Continue reading

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Sometimes the wind slams shut an open door

A tree stands still But a tree swing swings both ways You may have slept all day When you woke It was dark But look up and notice the stars are bright We’re only here for a short time When … Continue reading

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