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What Is Grace

My response to the blog article:  As I did not hear the sermon you had heard, I cannot comment on the sermon. I can only explain my definition. Grace is a feeling a person feels when they are forgiven. Why … Continue reading

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Heaven Is Real

Yesterday I had my colonoscopy and it really isn’t that bad. They put you to sleep, you don’t know nothing and coming to my wife said I was really funny, I kept making her laugh. Seeing I’m not really a … Continue reading

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It Appears That Steve Russell is Against Net Neutrality

Dear Mr. Harkness, Thank you for sharing your thoughts about net neutrality.  I appreciate the time you took to contact me. “Net neutrality” refers to the concept that Internet service providers (ISPs) should treat all data traveling over their network … Continue reading

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Clothe The Naked

The bible teaches us to clothe the naked as if it were a prerequisite to enter heaven. Few pay mind to this because Jesus died, so there is no working for our salvation. I’m not sure about that “Jesus died … Continue reading

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