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The alien agenda

The alien agenda Continue reading

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The other side of the story

‘Why did the Ukrainians have to kill us?’

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Let There Be A New Season

@ministerpeacefulpoet1A New Season – poem♬ original sound – ministerpeacefulpoet Let There Be A New Season When the black is blacker than black and the white is whiter than white Nothing is gray We all pay and I pray This ends … Continue reading

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Its Here Today

Its Here Today When the moon fell down We picked up our horse and we left town Because there was no one around there was no sound We hoped we would be found When upside is turned down The clown … Continue reading

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You Can’t Eat Money All Up

Global Warming Continue reading

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The Science of Born Again A lot of weird videos have been coming out lately and I’ve been watching them, or parts of them, with what little time I have. And I’ve created my weird video to go along with all the other weird … Continue reading

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In Support of The Palestinians

I don’t believe in a two state solution, its not practical. But if I have a friend from Palestine who believes in the two state solution, I support that friend, not his or her idea. Palestine is a derivative of … Continue reading

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Testosterone and Estrogen

Testosterone and estrogen, most of us contain a little of both, most of us contain more of one than the other. Testosterone and estrogen are different animals and neither are alike. Testosterone and estrogen do not understand each other and … Continue reading

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Military Industrial Complex

I keep getting invites to join the Illuminati and there seems to be two groups who claim to be the Illuminati.  One says you will become rich and famous and the other does not make this claim.  The one group … Continue reading

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I hate the commercial, it pisses me off.  I like women, I think women are beautiful.  When I was in the Navy we might go months without seeing a woman and when we would see one, it would be like … Continue reading

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