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This 4th of July

This 4th of July

Some are wondering
Will they will live
or die
Everybody hates the hate
With so much hate
Love blows up
Like a firecracker
Our country
The attacker
Supported by a crutch
And a cane
Our government
Threatens to take
All the same
But we’ll enjoy the fireworks
Another year

By: Minister Peacefulpoet (word witch) 7/4/18

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Poem of the day: Hate Today Is Okay

Hate Today Is Okay

We hate
Its the rave
You too
Can join the debate
All you gotta do is
Forget all that love stuff
Its a dove
The more you hate
The more you rate
Did somebody look at you wrong
Did they sing that song
Come on
And hate along
Because them are thay
Ah look at that
They got a flat
Bait that trap
Its a good bet
You’ll have a real reason
To hate
Shake that thing
Scorn the looks
Make them feel shame
All a game
Few winners
Many losers
We play it so well
Many rooms in this hotel
You to can be called out
Shamed about
It happens to all the best
After they get you
They’ll get the rest

Its the rave
Forget that love
Because its a dove

By Minister Peacefulpoet (word witch) 7/3/18

This is what I was listening to when I wrote this

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What I Dreamed In 15 Hours

Its been a rough week. Been like this for awhile now. Get to work and we work, almost non stop as fast as we can. Good thing is though, they love me, never get written up, no threats of firing, non of that bull you get at other places. The pay is good and the benefits are great. So you just keep on keeping on. End of the week, I slept 15 hours. Got up for a little bit just to say hi to my wife and went back to bed. Had the longest dream I think I had ever had. Dreams are always strange and make good poems, so here you are:

What I Dreamed In 15 Hours

Dreamed again that I lived in a trailer house
Put up a swimming pool
Out back
Loved swimming in
It went flat
The police came
Said they would fix
Told my wife
We just need to level the ground
And build it back
Next door
I was able to go to another
Always in public
I find myself
in my
So ashamed
But no one seemed to care
Couple guys loved me
Turned out
They just loved guys
Joined a cult
It was a good cult
Can you believe that
The leader was under attack
Wanted to find a way to prove
With billboards and signs
And I woke

By: Minister Peacefulpoet (word witch) 6/29/18

Two common things I dream a lot, that I live in a trailer house. I grew up in a trailer house, so maybe that’s it and the other thing is, I’m always out in the public in my underwear and afraid people will notice, but no one seems to care. That happens a lot in my dreams, I think that’s just my anxiety coming out in my dreams. Dreams are weird and they are so real when you are dreaming them. When you are awake everything seems real too, so how do you do that maybe when we dream we enter into another dimension and we’re actually awake somewhere else? Something to think about.

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Trump voters vs Hillary voters – really, OMG

I don’t like Trump either but come on. Use your common sense, isn’t this hatred just a little bit overblown, and why. He must have done something right to piss them off so much. I don’t know what it is and they surely won’t tell us what it is. That IG report investigating the investigation could just take the whole thing down. I’m hoping. There is a reason a president can only serve 8 years. Just as they figure out what strings to pull to get things done, they’re replaced by someone else. Like Obama for instance, he started doing some good stuff just before he left office. Why is the president limited to 8 years and all the congressman and senators can stay there until they die? Its fixed, and everyone of those Senators and Congressman have investments into the military industrial complex and that’s just wrong and main stream media will never talk about that, ever. They lie by not telling the whole truth, just the parts they want you to know, like Trumps Tweets, really, is that news? Pathetic that we even put up with that.

They have really, successfully split our country in two between those who voted for Trump and those who didn’t, and we are all just so stupid to fall for their manipulations. I’m not the smartest person in the world by far, but come on, why can’t people see through this? So disappointing. How can this ever be America when we just believe what ever the news tells us and let them keep us all herded together like sheep while they shape our point of view. Why are we so stupid not to see what they are doing? Divided we fall and we are falling fast for their Bu***hit.

We all have our reasons. Some of us voted for Trump because we couldn’t let Hillary be president and some of us voted for Hillary because we couldn’t let Trump be president. The conversation should be, why were we ever given the two worst choices in American history? How did this happen and why? But rather what we are getting is, Trump voters are this and Hillary voters are that. We all know that is not true. Most of us did not like Hillary or Trump, we just happened to hate one worse than the other. Why weren’t we given a choice between maybe I don’t know, Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders? Marketing will tell you that the more a name is mentioned the more it will be popular and Trump’s name was mentioned more than anyone else. So it is not surprising that he won the Republican primary, and it was intentional. Rumor had it that Hillary could beat Trump for sure, nobody would vote for Trump. And we all know that Bernie won the Democratic Primary. It was so blatant in your face. But the Democratic party cheated and mainstream media covered it up because they work for the bankers who wanted Hillary to be president. Bernie Sanders went along with it and I lost my respect for him right then and there. A good news reporter would have asked, WTF. Anyone who dares to question is pushed off into the “alternative news media” they now attempt to call fake news. Even the CIA is now chiming in calling it propaganda news, you know, like what they do, how ironic?

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Palestine or Israel

Ok so Donald Trump decided to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

The false Zionist Jews are evil, yes. Palestinians are innocent victims accused of terrorism for simply fighting back against the theft of their homes, their lands and their very lives, yes, and true.

Here is the confusing and tricky part, not to justify Israel, things could have been done different. Once there was a land called Israel. The Roman empire destroyed Israel I think like three times and got tired of destroying Israel. So to end this whole thing of destroying Israel, it was decided (decried) that the Jews who remained would be called Philistines and the land would be called Palestine, thus ended Israel. Though the Roman empire fell many years later, the land of Palestine remained. It was meant as an insult, not something to be proud of.

Palestine/Israel are just words. We give those words power or we do not and I say we do not. What is most important is human rights. Every human being deserves to be treated like a human being. If the fake Zionist Jews had treated the inhabitants of Palestine fairly and justly, they would be proud to called an Israelite and this would never be an issue. It will stop being an issue when the fake Zionist Jews start acting like God’s people and being fair and just. Seeing we are funding Israel to a major scale, we should demand it or stop funding them.

For you religious people who believe we have to support the Jews. They are fake Zionist Jews. The ancestry of these fake Zionist Jews never lived in the land of Israel. They came from the Khazarian Empire. An empire that decided one day that it would be prudent to become Jewish.

For the bible thumpers out there, here you are:
Revelations: 3:9 – “I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.”

So, if they can pretend to be the chosen people, we can make them act like it. It does not matter if the land is called Israel or Palestine, but what does matter is how they treat the people who live there. That is what matters and we can demand better from them. We have that right and if they are using our money to harm others, then we are just as responsible if we continue to fund them, period.

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Satan Rules The World

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Satanic Ritual Abuse

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We Should All Be Friends

I don’t know Rick but I know Country Maron. We’ve been friends since MySpace was popular. My previous wife asked me how I get so many friends? It’s no secret, you just send people friend requests. Why not, we should all be friends. Some will think your crazy and block you and others will say they love you and then block you. That part I could never understand, how people can say they love you when you did nothing to deserve it and then they hate you when you did nothing to deserve it. I guess they love you because of the way you look or something you said and then they hate you for something you said, or whatever. I have actually been told that I am mentally sick, but actually, I’m the normal person living in a crazy world. But anyways, this is not about me, this is about Country Maron who I have known for a very long time. I don’t know if she will approve of me saying this, but I have to.

For awhile she disappeared and you know, my stupid self says, I must have said something to offend her, you know how that goes. Then she reappears and I ask, where have you been? I was homeless, it was horrible she explains. Why didn’t you say something, I would have tried to help? I had no internet she tells me. I felt like a heel.

Recently her best friend died and she lost her job. I offer to help her out and she sends me this:

“Right now I’m sad beyond belief…One of my greatest, best friends died…all of a sudden. In fact, when I was living in my car with no access to the internet…Rick Miller kept in touch with me via telephone. I was worried about you when a tornado hit Oklahoma in 2013. Rick tried to find you to set my heart and mind at rest. I can’t stop crying……………………………………………..”

She was homeless and she was worried about ME! Maybe I’m not supposed to share this, I might get in trouble. But you have to understand, how can this girl be poor with such a big heart, what is wrong with our world?

So anyways. She is out of work and she lives near New Haven, Connecticut. If you know of any available jobs that requires a big giant heart around New Haven, Connecticut, please let Country Maron know about this and spread this far and wide, Thank You – Namaste

You can all stop now. Rick died. He would have been 66 on 29th August.

This is my dear, sweet friend, Rick Miller, who also posts under his cat’s name, Tazz Miller. He fell, hit his head and is in a coma. I won’t ask people to pray, unless that’s your thing…He’s been a cyber-friend since 2007, going back to Care2. Even though we’ve never met, he’s been a better friend to me than many people I have met. Whenever I didn’t have access to the internet for whatever reason, he’d keep my friends updated about me and me about them. When I had no access to the internet on my birthday in 2013 (when I was living in my car) he called me and read me all of my Facebook birthday greetings. We spoke a lot when I was living in my car because he was worried about me. He also agreed to be the person to either maintain or cancel my Facebook account, should something happen to me. He said OK, except that I’m not supposed to die. Rick…you’re not supposed to either. NOT YET! Please wake up, dear friend!!!! meow! >^.v.^<


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Why Not Gary Johnson

Everybody can vote for Gary Johnson, he will be on everybody’s ballot in every state.  Never in our history have we had two candidates hated more than the two we have now.  So why won’t we vote for Gary Johnson?  I will tell you why, in a very subtle way mainstream media tells us not to, and we listen. We think we make up our own minds and we fail to realize that our minds are being made up for us, by a very crafty marketing system that makes us believe that this is the way it is and the way it should always be.  We do not venture off very far.  A few will break away, that’s okay, they’ll just be labeled nut cases and no one will pay them no mind.  There is nothing there for us to see streams mainstream media to our little pea brains. We just march right along and help them put the candidate they want in office.

Sports, if you’re not into sports, like myself, you are a monitory.  Sports is big business. Sports serve two purposes, 1) it distracts us from the real issues of our world.  Time that could be used to research real issues that involve our present and future life is instead spent on supporting the home or winning team.  All entertainment does this.  Cop and investigator shows encourage us to believe in the system.  2) There are winners and looser and we are encouraged to always be on the winning side.  It’s always black and white and few will support the loosing team.  Politics is not sports, but do you think anyone really votes their conscience as we are encouraged to, or instead, do we vote for the winning team.  We root for our side and defend any fouls, whether Democrat or Republican.

A handful of people own all major media outlets and they are creeping into controlling interests in popular social media, Facebook, Youtube and google+. When many more radio stations were made available, a local group tried to purchase their own radio station and some unknown rich person bought up all the stations and they were locked out.

All major mainstream outlets can be traced back to wall street bankers, military industrial war complex and other large corporations.  Marketing executives are paid lots of money to sway public opinion.  I challenge you to do a search on how marketing works on youtube or google.  You will find interesting experiments that showed that people had their own mind made up for them while it appeared that these decisions where their own.  You need to really pay attention and keep your eyes open to everything you see and hear.  You are rarely given all the facts about anything and points they want you to key into, leading you into their chosen path are repeated over and over again until finally you get it like they want you to.

What do we really know about the candidates, if you watch TV, read popular magazines, newspapers, read popular news sites online, you know very little.  We squabble over things like abortion while no U.S. president has ever legalized or cause abortion to be illegal.  Also gay marriage, women’s rights and LGBT acceptance. This is not the office of the president.  The president is the Commander and Chief of our military.  As such, it is this that I base my decisions on. We have 662 overseas bases in 38 foreign countries, why?  This is costing us a lot of money, but we keep hearing that we can’t afford social security and people on food stamps are pushing up the federal deficit. Social medicine like in other countries would be just un-affordable.  Military spending is very profitable for a handful of people, the same people who have an influence in our structured mainstream media.  Both Hillary Clinton and Trump are projected to increase military spending.  It doesn’t matter to them which becomes president.  They are projecting that one of them will be president so that we will vote for one of them, because most of us will not vote for someone we are told will not win, even if they might save this country by cutting all this unnecessary military spending. If we continue to build our weaponry and continue to build foreign bases we increase the hazard of a mistake, having weaponry in our arsenal that could do some real major damage to our world.  Now we have even become a supplier to other countries and recently, terrorists.  War and Arial bombing are a convenient way to replenish that weaponry ensuring a rising market.  Any candidate who threatens to overturn this apple cart will be projected as a looser and receive very little media attention. The American people who are taught to vote only for the winner and the winning team will follow the narrative perfectly. So this handful of people get richer, our country goes deeper in debt and our social net gets smaller and smaller. Our homeless population grows.

The following are excerpts from https://www.johnsonweld.com/issues


“Looking back over the past couple of decades, it is difficult to see how the wars we have waged, the interventions we have conducted, the lives sacrificed and the trillions spent on the other side of the globe have made us safer. The chaotic, reactive military and foreign policies of the past two Presidents have, if anything, created an environment that has allowed these threats to flourish.

Many military and political analysts conclude the rise of ISIS can be traced back to the instability to which our actions contributed. While our leaders have thrust our military and our resources into regime changes, failed nation-building and interventions that have strained valuable strategic relationships, the murderers of ISIS, Al Qaeda and other violent extremists have found new homes, established a state to implement their warped dreams and secured the resources to become very real threats to the stability and security of the Middle East.

As President, Gary Johnson will move quickly and decisively to refocus U.S. efforts and resources to attack the real threats we face in a strategic, thoughtful way. The U.S. must get serious about cutting off the millions of dollars that are flowing into the violent extremists’ coffers every day. Relationships with strategic allies must be repaired and reinforced. And the simplistic options of “more boots on the ground” and dropping more bombs must be replaced with strategies that will isolate and ultimately neuter those violent extremist groups.”

As of right now I am supporting Gary Johnson because he will be on the ballot in all 50 states and I can vote for him and will.

It seems that since they stole the election from Al Gore, election fraud seems to be the theme of the day.  They even stooped down to stealing the nomination from Bernie.  But I bet you if we all voted for Gary Johnson, they didn’t expect that and won’t have the software algorithms in place to thwart this.  So lets just do this and make this our country again.


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