Heaven Is Real

Yesterday I had my colonoscopy and it really isn’t that bad. They put you to sleep, you don’t know nothing and coming to my wife said I was really funny, I kept making her laugh. Seeing I’m not really a funny person, I find that interesting. They were playing rock n roll music in the surgery room and I was explaining that this was do to my long hair.

But anyways, they found a large polyp that they could not remove without surgery which will be scheduled next week and everyone is so scared that it is cancer.

My wife gave me a big hug before I went to bed and her daughters and my sisters are concerned.

Now this is the weird part, if they told me I had cancer I would die soon, I would be so happy. I remember before I was born, I was in heaven and I didn’t want to leave, but was told I had to and I so badly want to go back there. But my wife, though this has not yet been foretold is already worked up over the possibility. I don’t want anybody to be hurt. She is older than me, she should go before me, that’s the way it should be.

But if anybody tells you that heaven is boring. Let me try to explain, when you get high you are trying to experience heaven. When you fall in love you are experiencing heaven. Most people have been there, I just seem to be the only one who remembers. All of our life on this earth is trying to get back there. That’s what we do.

Heaven is real. Don’t believe anything else and keep reaching for it.

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