What I Dreamed In 15 Hours

Its been a rough week. Been like this for awhile now. Get to work and we work, almost non stop as fast as we can. Good thing is though, they love me, never get written up, no threats of firing, non of that bull you get at other places. The pay is good and the benefits are great. So you just keep on keeping on. End of the week, I slept 15 hours. Got up for a little bit just to say hi to my wife and went back to bed. Had the longest dream I think I had ever had. Dreams are always strange and make good poems, so here you are:

What I Dreamed In 15 Hours

Dreamed again that I lived in a trailer house
Put up a swimming pool
Out back
Loved swimming in
It went flat
The police came
Said they would fix
Told my wife
We just need to level the ground
And build it back
Next door
I was able to go to another
Always in public
I find myself
in my
So ashamed
But no one seemed to care
Couple guys loved me
Turned out
They just loved guys
Joined a cult
It was a good cult
Can you believe that
The leader was under attack
Wanted to find a way to prove
With billboards and signs
And I woke

By: Minister Peacefulpoet (word witch) 6/29/18

Two common things I dream a lot, that I live in a trailer house. I grew up in a trailer house, so maybe that’s it and the other thing is, I’m always out in the public in my underwear and afraid people will notice, but no one seems to care. That happens a lot in my dreams, I think that’s just my anxiety coming out in my dreams. Dreams are weird and they are so real when you are dreaming them. When you are awake everything seems real too, so how do you do that maybe when we dream we enter into another dimension and we’re actually awake somewhere else? Something to think about.

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