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We Should Not Be So Judge-mental – Tolerance

We need to stop judging one another and learn tolerance and understanding, respecting differences and rather than punishment, how about rehabilitation instead. For example:

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Know The Truth

Most people think they know what they want and believe that they dislike this or that. But the truth is many are surprised by their own feelings and sometimes even ashamed when they should be celebrating. Because we have allowed … Continue reading

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Clothe The Naked

The bible teaches us to clothe the naked as if it were a prerequisite to enter heaven. Few pay mind to this because Jesus died, so there is no working for our salvation. I’m not sure about that “Jesus died … Continue reading

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Men vs Women or Men and Women should just get along

This is the longest video I have made so far. It’s called Male vs Women but it’s not really about male vs women. I’m not sure why I named it that. It’s really about men and women getting along with … Continue reading

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How To Know The Truth

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